Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Neglect: The state or fact of being uncared for

So I have done just that... NEGLECTED my blog! It helped me get through the awful and ugly referred to as Boot Camp and then I moved on and kinda forgot about it haha!! BUT, I seen it today the bookmark saved on the top of my FireFox webpage and had an ah hah moment! I originally started this blog with the intentions of being able to update friends and family without having to remember and repeat the same stories of day to day life living in the far away land referred to as Charleston, South Carolina :) So here it is:

UPDATE: We have been living in our humble abode now since June 17, 2011.. exactly 2 months today! So far I love it here, the weather is great the area is beautiful and full of so much history! Dudley seems to enjoy the outside too! We never have a dull moment and there are plenty of things to do and see. We have had 2 sets of visitors thus far (The Yates'- Kathy & Butch and Grandma Sally) and (My Best Friend- Amanda Mahoney) and are looking forward to even more visitors! We have some very special guest getting in this Sunday and staying until the next Sunday and then September 3 our very dear friends The Singer's will be here! So much to look forward to! 

JOB UPDATE: I Have not found a RN position yet. Well, I did but after looking at the schedule that was prepared for me I decided I would look else where versus having a drive of 2 hours to the clinic and then a long 2 hours home from the clinic. I have sent in my application to be an Officially Licensed Registered Nurse in the state of South Carolina so I just won't be in Ohio. What is interesting is South Carolina is apart of the Nurse License Compact (NLC) along with 23 other states so if we happen to get stationed in Virgina it won't be such a hassle to obtain a Virgina license. The bad news is the possible other future duty stations ie. California or Washington are not under the NLC. I have started this past week to really find a RN position and am getting frustrated that I haven't found one yet but I keep trying to remind myself that God is just waiting to bring me to the one he wants me to have. I have stated many times that I NEVER had the desire to be a RN and never even considered it until I gave my life to the Lord and felt as though it was HIS WILL for me to be a Nurse. So as I sit here as a very bored house wife with a very clean house I at least have that comfort hahah!

BRANDON UPDATE: Brandon is excelling in his classes here at the Navy Nuclear Power Training Command (NNPTC) and his GPA is an A! I am so proud! He works very long hours and is sometimes gone from 5 am - 9 pm. But he is very humble about the situation, this is something WE chose as a married couple and even when times get stressful for him and we go days without spending time with one another he can rest assure that I am in this with him, he wasn't the only one who signed up for this I am right on board too! He is currently in what they call 'A School' then after his A School graduation he will advance to Power School and then Prototype! It is a long 2 year process but I feel like this is where we are meant to be and life is good!

As you can imagine we miss and love our families and friends back home so much! We think about you and pray for you everyday and cannot wait until we come home to visit! Which ideally should be in December around Christmas. After being here in this heat for 6 months we are gonna be freezing in Ohio in December.. brrrr!!!

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