Thursday, August 18, 2011

A BIG OLE RANT on some irritating issues.

CAUTION: DO NOT READ if you LOVE your Unhealthy Lifestyle and don't care to hear my (a health professional's and former individual who LOVED their Unhealthy Lifestyle) 2 cents. There is my fair warning :)

Okay so day to day I see and hear things that make me sick to my stomach. Just the way we as a population live our life is kind of sad. We think it is okay to be a little "chubby" when medically speaking the majority of people that consider their self chubby or a tad over weight are actually obese! No one likes to hear that or be labeled as such but ... its the TRUTH. And it is your right to do and act as you please I am not in the least bit trying to criticize people for that but what bothers me is watching people cram disgusting amounts of awful food down their throat, drink their selves into a coma, and smoke countless packs and packs of  cigarettes and then act honest to God surprised when they are told that they have cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, COPD, the list goes on and on.

So addiction. That is one word that is used a lot. People are addicted to food, cigarettes, alcohol and anything else that you can think of. Fine. Addiction is very real and I am not undermining that but I just don't get peoples mine set and reasoning. Why doesn't the fact that these poor choices are basically inviting a whole slue of nasty diseases and health problems to ravish their bodies have a big enough impact to turn your life around? And my ultimate BIGGEST pet peeve... "Exercise and Eating Healthy just doesn't work for me". Really? That is interesting. I am the last person to believe that bull. I exercised and eat healthy and guess what... some how lost close to 40 lbs. Either you aren't really putting the effort in that you are convincing yourself that you are or those two things with the result of my weight loss was just a really weird coincidence.

Throwing that amount of weight I loss out there is embarrassing for me.. not going to lie about that. I never viewed myself as being that unhealthy that by changing my lifestyle would have dropped that much weight. It was a STRUGGLE. Those first probably 2 months I was not a nice person to be around, I loathed going to the gym and used almost every excuse imaginable not to go, and had cravings for the old junk I indulged in all the time. Without Brandon I have no doubt that I wouldn't have made it to where I am now. He was patient but firm with me and was there to ALWAYS remind me that this is what I wanted for my life and not to give in because at the end of the day I would feel awful about giving up. Here are a few things that helped me.

1. Have a support system. Let those around you know that you are trying to improve your lifestyle and make healthier choices that way they won't throw the temptation out there and will be in the loop about why you are cranky :)

2. Be completely honest with yourself and look at yourself for who you are! Its okay to admit that you are not 100% happy with who you are because those reasons will help you to work hard to become who you WANT TO BE!

3. Take one day at a time. Don't worry if you are going to eat healthy next week. The answer is yes. You make that decision everyday and before you know it.. its not really a struggle to make the "right" decision .. its more like an automatic action.

4. Take lots of pictures. You can keep them personal and to yourself but by documenting your changes from week to week or month to month it will really boost your morale and keep you motivated!

5. Be ready to make the change... ready to give it 100%! Changing to healthier was so far one of the hardest things to do (in the beginning). If you are not ready to give it your all your chances of failing could be higher. But failing is OKAY! Try try try again!

6. One thing that is important to state is by saying you are changing your lifestyle you are not vowing nor do you have to feel like you are saying you are going to NEVER eat fast food again, or candy, pizza, donuts, etc. What you ARE saying IS it is okay to have something like that EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE. But practicing moderation and not completely binging on these things.

Like I said before this was a rant about my personal opinions. If I ticked you off, well, there is probably a reason it hit ya in a soft spot and I will leave it at that. I am not criticizing anyone. And I am most certainly not telling you that if you don't eat healthy and exercise that you are WRONG. That is NOT what I am about. If you are happy with yourself than so be it, I wish you the best. This journey (which is still on going) was never centered around looks, being "skinny", or a certain clothing size. It was about HEALTH! I have seen countless patients who were in the bad shape they were in due to their unhealthy behavior and IT SCARED ME, scared me into wanting better for myself. I will end this blog with a very embarrassing "before" picture and a less embarrassing "after". Enjoy!

Before. :(

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