Friday, August 19, 2011

Phew! Thanks for the let me support you!!

So I received a surprising amount of texts, emails and Face Book messages about yesterdays "Big Ole Rant" blog. They all were positive (that is were the phew comes in) and it made me smile knowing that my words caused some people to start thinking about how they are currently living and what they actually want for themselves. Then that gave me the idea that maybe I will start blogging more about health and wellness and the struggles, emotions and thoughts I have dealing with that topic. If you are interested in becoming a healthier and happier version of yourself then join this blogging site... follow me..and lets do it together! Just like my first tip on the last blog- Have a support system, trust me it makes all the difference. I do not claim to know it all or what will work best for YOU I just know the hurdles I over came and my experiences and hope to help others become a success.

 I had said many of times that I was going to get in shape, just like many of us have. Then it was always followed by a statement like "starting next week, starting next month, at the beginning of the year that will be my New Years Resolution".. well that never really worked out too well. Sure there were a couple of times that I stuck with it a few weeks and then would start to "cheat" (I hate that term and will get into that some other time) but it never turned into an actual Lifestyle Change- it never stuck. It was the day before my college graduation (May 2009) and I was feeling GREAT! Was about to graduate with a Bachelors in Science in Health Studies and Promotion and was feeling on top of the world. My then Fiance Brandon (now husband) had came up to Oxford to spend Graduation Weekend with me and he had brought along a bag with a ton of crap in it. Protein powder, grounded up oatmeal, and some other things in plastic bags and it was then he told me about his plans. The next day (the actual day of my Graduation May 10, 2009) he was changing his life around, going to start to be healthier because he was tired of feeling sick and tired and being uncomfortable with the way he looked, he just wasn't happy with himself. I of course took his big news with a grain of salt and thought "yeah whatever". He then tried to encourage me to start being healthier and I distinctly remember telling him that I was healthy and I thought I looked fine and if he wanted to diet that was his deal not mine. Welp, that embarrassing picture I revealed yesterday was in fact taken AT MY GRADUATION PARTY and at my Heaviest weight. EEK! And I actually thought I looked cute that day. Brandon kept his promise to himself and became healthier starting on May 10, 2009 and has been doing great ever since! That was his story now here is my very embarrassing story of how I got my start.

Like I said before I became a RN I had received a BS in Health Studies and Promotion from Miami University. I had heard Professors constantly stating that "we were health professionals once we graduated, and should act like one- practice what you are going to preach" those words usually went in one ear and out the other. I never considered myself that out of shape. I was perfectly capable of going and running a mile or 2 if I felt inclined to and thought because I could do that twice a month that I was in average, perfectly normal shape. So I was in DENIAL! The drive to change my life occurred in the most unusual spot. Cazadores. Those of you who are from Ohio or know me well that name rings a bell. It is a Mexican restaurant that my Step-Father is a co-owner at and I was a waitress there after I graduated and through Nursing school. So with being a waitress at a restaurant there is usually a nice discount on the food during your work day.. that being FREE. Very bad for someone who had no will power and loved yummy cheesy friend Mexican cuisine. There is almost always a cliche scene in tv shows and movies that involve the fat kid and food.. usually someone trips them, etc. WELL.. one night after I had gotten off early I decided I was going to just eat dinner there. I had ordered a chimichanga fried with ground beef inside and lots of queso on top. I was walking with my plate in my hand to a little side corner in the back when I tripped over my own feet, landing flat on my face with pieces of the broken plate and food everywhere. I was embarrassed naturally.... but had felt something I had never felt before. I felt like the "fat kid" in the cliche movie scene. I hurried to clean up the mess and immediately left. I was really disappointed in myself and realized I shouldn't of been eating that anyways. I was over weight, unhappy, and using food as a comfort. The anger set in and I finally reached the mentality that this was RIDICULOUS I am the ONLY one who can provoke and maintain the change I supposedly desired so bad so I was going to do it! The very next day I started my crazy journey to a better me. Almost 16 months ago!

I am excited to blog more stories and such and hope that you will follow me and that I can be an encouragement and a support system to whoever is in need . Today I leave you with AWESOME pictures of my biggest support and motivation. My husband Brandon!!!! He got such awesome results through HARD WORK & DETERMINATION.. NO fad diet or p90x. Just good ole work!

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