Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm here without you baby, but your still with me in my dreams & tonight its only YOU and ME.

Cannot believe I haven't blogged in 3 whole weeks!! Time has been flying by (Thank you Jesus) but not quickly enough :) I guess I haven't done much in those past 3 weeks except for... study, workout, watch some of the boob tube.. eat.. lots and lots of sushi nom nom noooommmm. Oh! I graduated (my second undergrad from Miami University I need a life ahha) and I went to Kentucky for my cousin's wedding and visited my Denham Grandparents.

In 13 days I will  be busy checking and double checking and triple checking making sure I have everything to go to Chicago that next morning.... So I can finally see MY MAN!!!! I have been making up scenarios in my head for weeks now about when I get to see his face for the first time in 60 days! It has truly been a crazy experience having no contact except old fashion snail mail with your Husband. Not necessarily a good experience and yet not a bad experience either. I sure have missed him like crazy but have learned a lot of things about myself and our relationship. One thing is for sure I will NEVER take our time together for granted! He is so special to me and I actually love him more and more everyday. I remember walking down the aisle on our wedding day looking at him and thinking "I love him so much" and I never thought it was possible to love this person even more than I did that day but I do- I actually love him more today than I did Sept. 19, 2010.. and think a week from now I will love him more than I do today! Gag I know haha! 

Besides the fact that he is an amazing person who I already had tons of respect and admiration for, his actions in joining the military has made those increase! I have seen plenty of bumper stickers and heard plenty of comments from people who not only don't agree with the War but have no support for our service members and while I didn't like it before and it kind of aggravated me I didn't take it personal. Well last week I took it completely personal haha! I was madder than a hornet! I thought how dare you.. I have you know my husband is one of those men who are giving up their own freedoms to protect yours..And you don't even deserve it! BUT I guess that is something I am going to have to get used to. All that matters is I am so PROUD of him & he makes me smile just thinking about him and what he is doing!

The Picture is Me & Pretend Brandon @ My Cousin Andy's Wedding.
Saturday May 14, 2011.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend. Lucky to have been where I have been

So today was great! I finally got a call from Brandon and we spoke for 22 minutes, I missed his voice so badly. He sounded like himself but different- major oxymoron I know haha. I had a million things to say/ask/etc but it was like I was so happy that I couldn't remember anything I was shocked I guess. But all in all he sounded wonderful with nothing but positive things to say. I just love him SO MUCH!

Besides all of that exciting business, I also went to WPAFB and took care of my ID Card, DEERS stuff etc. My Uncle is retired from the AF so he was very familiar with Wright-Patt and showed me around. I had fun it is like its own little world behind gates :)  I am excited to move onto base in South Carolina and get familiar with not only the base but also the new way of life!!!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

There’s only one thing.. To Do.. Three words.. For you.. I love you

So we are officially at W3D1 (week 3, day 1) of Bran being gone and I miss him so bad! Today I got some more letters from him and they of course made me beyond happy! I love being able to read his feelings and what is going on in his life currently. He got picked to be the Yeoman and I am so proud of him and all of his achievements, he is my hero :) It so weird that in 6 days he will have been gone for a whole month! And that means we are half way through with only one more month to go. I have a lot of things going on with my graduation, a wedding, Kaplan Nclex review week, studying for the Nclex, etc... so hopefully.. JUST MAYBE these last 4 weeks and 6 days will ZOOOOOOOOM by!